Monday, March 21, 2011

Mini Vintage Suitcase Template for sale

Hi Beauties!
I have available for purchase a really cute Mini Vintage Suitcase template in my store. I had a blast making them and they are soooo cute!! You can put mini albums in them, use them for a decor piece ( they look adorable stacked on a coffee table!) or for storage in your creative space. There are a ton more things you can do with these adorable suitcases just think outside the box! I am going to make a set for my daughter to store her barbie shoes, clothes, and accessories. Oh, and then I might make a set to hold her clips, hair ties, and bobby pins. See what I mean!!! I am out of control here! LOL! If you would like to purchase the template just visit my store Chic Scrapbook Boutique! You will get all 3 suitcase templates ( small, medium, and large), 1 hinges and handles template ( 18 pieces) and a link to the instructional video on assembling the suitcase.

 Warning- This template is addicting and I will not be held responsible for you making a ton of these cute suitcases! LOL! Just kidding!
Hope you all have a great week!


  1. It is difficult to tell from the pictures, but what sizes are the suitcases?

    Thanks ladies and congrats on your store.

  2. Hi Sherry if you click on the link to Patti's Store which is Chic Scrapbook Boutique the dimensions are there in the description. I have posted them here for you also. Thanks Doreen

    Sizes: Small 3-7/8" L., 2- 3/4" W, 1-3/8" depth; Medium 4-7/8" L, 3-1/2" W, 1-5/8" depth; Large 5'5/8" L, 3-7/8 W, 1-3/4 depth.

  3. Hi
    I live in south africa and would like to buy the small mini suitcase templates. How much do they cost and would shipping be possible?

  4. Michelle,
    The suitcase template is $5.99 for the set and I would email you the template so no shipping costs involved. If you would still like the template just click on the tab at the top of the page that says " Templates"
    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. i want 1!!!!!! xxx