Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ooh-la-la Vintage Treasures DT Project - Fairies In The Garden

Hello ladies,
Well, I got my box of goodies and let me just say I was thrilled! I was so thrilled that when I got it on Saturday I did a Ustream show that night with the stuff..lol. When I do unscheduled shows I will let the viewers pick out what they want to see me create. This time it was a layout. I have to admit that I was a little scared at first because I haven't done a layout in a very long time :(
So I took the challenge and I tried my hardest to finish but couldn't because of how late it was. So I woke up the next morning and finished it.
I used the graphic 45 sampler pack for this layout and let me just say I still have tons of stuff to use on my other projects that I will be showing off this week too! This pack is filled with so many pretty items to complete your projects with it! Hurry now over to the paper boutique and get it while you can!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Some new items in the store and updates

Hello Beauties!!!
We have a few new items in the store! First I have added a new template (finally), it is a policy envelope for $1.99. Why buy them when you can make them in any color you choose! You can also cut them out with some pretty pattern paper and bind them together to make a mini tag book album! The possibilities are endless with these babies! 

I will be adding 3 more templates this week so check back soon! Maybe I should give you a hint?? Think sewing room! That is all I am saying though:) You will have to wait and see!
Next, I have made a Kraft Embellishment Kit with a mini album. In this kit there is 6 mini file folders (3 embossed, 3 plain), 4 large tags (2 embossed, 2 plain), 4 medium tags (2 embossed, 2 plain), 4 small tags ( 2 embossed, 2 plain), 6 mini envelopes with journal card inserts ( 2 of each of the 3 styles and 3 embossed & 3 plain), and finally the mini album which has 2 chipboard covers and 8 cardstock page inserts. Guess what? You get all of these items for $6.99! You can find the kits in the Paper Boutique.

Last but not least, We have lace bundles for sale in the Lace Boutique for $5.00! There are 3 different styles available Shabby Chic, Tea Dyed, & Brights. I know these will not last long so get them while their hot!
Tea Dyed


Shabby Chic

Now, I did forget to mention that I have charms available in the Embellishment Boutique, so go check them out!
We have decided to make a You Tube channel for the store and here is the link so you can follow what is going on. http://www.youtube.com/user/TheOohlalaVT?feature=mhum
We are in the process of moving all of the store videos from our personal channels over to the store channel. Also, the design team will be putting their videos on there too! So take a moment and click on the link so you can stay up to date with what is going on in the store. I will also being doing a lot of how to videos and I am sure the DT girls will too!
I guess I am done rambling on and on! LOL!
Have a great week!
Patti & Doreen

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Banner made by Brigitte

Hello Beauties,
Brigitte has made a beautiful banner from Webster Pages Country Estate paper! She has done an amazing job!!! If you do not follow Brigitte on You Tube you need to! Her YT channel link is on the left side along with the rest of the DT members and Doreen & myself. I hope you all are having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Memorial Day weekend sale!

Hello Beauties,
I have an awesome sale for you that starts tomorrow and ends Monday at midnight! All laces by the yard are buy a yard get a yard free! So if you have been drooling over all the vintage laces now is the time to buy! This is what you have to do: When you are checking out just put in the amount of lace you are purchasing. so if you are purchasing lets say 2 yards of lace then you would put 2 in the amount column do not put 4! If you put 4 yards ( 2 yrds purchased, 2 yrds free) you will be charged for the 2 free yards. Don't worry we will make sure you get your free yards when we get your order. If you are not sure what to do just send us an email and we can send you an invoice for your purchase. I hope you all have a blessed Memorial Day weekend!
Big Hugs to you all♥
Patti & Doreen

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hello Beauties!
I want to share with you a catalog from a company I would like to purchase items for the store from them. One problem, I don't know what to buy ( 1of everything, right!) and what you are all looking for. So, if you see something you like let me know:) I can also take orders now for anything in the catalog, but please be aware that it may take a few weeks to get the items. So make a list and send it to me and I will let you know the prices. When I am ready to place the order I will then request money through paypal for your order. So here is the catalog link.

Email me your orders or suggestions for the store at creativepatti@gmail.com

Thank you and have a creative day!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Items in the store!

Hello Beauties,
We have a couple of new items in the store. First, in the "Chic Paper Boutique" I have put up a collage kit. Each kit contains 20 wallpaper sheets ( all different sizes), 3 decorative napkins, 3 full sheets of tissue paper ( 2 pattern & 1 solid), 15 sheets of decorative paper, 2 book pages, and 1 vintage lady wrapping paper sheet.
Second, in the " Embellishment Boutique" there are antique brass charms available, rolls of vintage burlap, and some new flower sprays and clusters. Third, in the "Vintage Lace Boutique" We have some new vintage laces!
Go and check them out! More items will be added soon:)
Have a creative day!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Anna Fearer - More Paper Than Shoes - Introduction

Good afternoon ladies!
I'm so excited to be joining this lovely design team. I love vintage and working with it. I enjoy working with all sorts of styles but vintage seems to be one of my favorites.
I have been creating crafty things with my hands since I was a child. I loved going to my grandparents house. I would have so much fun just sitting with my grandmother and watching her sew on her machine. My grandfather was a painter and taught me how to paint at a early age. It seemed that my entire family was crafty in some shape or form. My other grandfather was a photographer and loved collecting antiques. I think being surrounded by all these things you naturally start to absorb the love of it some how. 

When I'm not creating I'm outside. I love the outdoors and love being around nature. My perfect day would be to hike to a waterfall and just spend the day enjoying the fresh air.  I love rollerblading. I love to speed around corners and push myself to the limits on them too....lol. Yes, I have fallen a few times but it doesn't stop me from getting up and doing it again! My other hobbies are sewing, painting, and trying to perfect the art of making  pizza..lol.
Now I feel that it's my turn to PIF (Pay It Forward) to my kids. I try every chance I can to teach them how to use the tools that are in my craft room. I try to make them feel comfortable about using some of the tools in my craft room so they too can take their creativeness to the next level! It's a lot of fun to see the girls have their own unique style of creating. They actually shock me how well they pick up on certain aspects of creating too.

I started to create with paper about a couple of years ago. I was instantly drawn to flowers and how to take what I had already and create my own. Now, I walk by some of the flowers I see in the store and think "oh I can make that...lol". It's also another way to save money too ;) I would much rather create my own flowers then buy the same ones that everyone else is buying too! I'm an altered artist more than a scrapbooker I guess you would say. I like to take the embellishments up off the flat surface and make them 3D. Don't get me wrong I do scrapbook but love altering items more! I can take the items that you get in a scrapbook kit and use them to alter things around the house. It shows people that you can do more than just make a layout with these scrapbooking products.  

When you get a chance check out my blog for my Ustream classes and other information. I enjoy teaching my classes. I have met some wonderful people and we always have fun too :)

I think this is a great opportunity for me and the other ladies to create with these lovely items that Doreen and Patti offer at their store. It will help me get back into creating for myself again. Thank you again for allowing me to be apart of this lovely design team!

I hope every one has a fun filled creative day!


Shoeprincess1-Introduction and a little about me

Hello everyone!  My name is Brigitte and I would like to let all of you pretties know a little about myself.  I was recently contacted by Patti and Doreen and asked to join their design team and I gladly (and excitedly) said YES!

I was born and raised in NYC and now live with my husband and 3 1/2 year old daughter Gigi not far from my beloved city in New Jersey.  I have always had an obsession with paper even as a little girl when I would play with my paper dolls so it is of no surprise that slowly turned into a paper crafting hobby.  I started seriously altering and crafting about 2 years ago and never dreamed the day would come that I would post on YouTube and be recognized for my work!  I am so very grateful for this opportunity and enjoy sharing and learning all there is to learn about scrapbooking.

My style is a bit of everything I love.  I truly love Vintage and Shabby Chic but am drawn to the whimsy of color and tradition. My favorite color combinations are red, black and white; black, cream and brown; pinks and browns; and pink, cream, and greens.   Because I string jewelry, I am naturally drawn to pearls, charms and trinkets of all kinds.

When I am not creating, I enjoy running, baking,  fashion, and textile.  I love textures and fabrics and playing around with dyes and mists.  As my YT name implies, I love shoes :-)  Sometimes I will open my closet and draw inspiration from the colors and styles that are right there ready to be worn!

I am so honored to be a part of this lovely and talented team and want to send Patti and Doreen a big THANK YOU for asking me aboard!  I do not have any photos of my work as of yet because I really never thought this day would come where people would want to see or ask about my creations.  I do promise to make take strides and share new things with you all when I can!  Thanks again for all the support and thank you for taking this journey with us!

Have a happy day~  Brigitte

Sunday, May 15, 2011

ILuvVintageScrap ~ A Little Bit About Me

I would like to take a chance and introduce myself.  I was chosen as one of the Designer Team Members for this beautiful unique store and I am super excited.  A little bit about me.  I was born and raised in Costa Rica and lived here since I was 12 years old.  I have a very wonderful and supportive boyfriend and two beautiful cats that I love to death.  I've been scrapbooking ever since I was a little girl.  I still have some of the cards, drawings and paintings that I did as a little girl.  I've always had a great passion for scrapbooking and art.  I started making mini albums and altering items about 6 months ago and I decided that I wanted to share it with all of you.  I love making mini albums, tags, cards and altering objects.

My style is very Shabby Chic but I also enjoy the Vintage style.  My favorite colors are pastels (specially light pink :), yet I also love some dark colors just as black, brown, turquoise and more... Most of my inspiration comes from Shabby Chic/Vintage Items that I find at local vintage and thrift stores.  I've always wanted to live during the Victorian Period where everything was very Shabby Chic.  I also find a lot of inspiration on Youtube from many wonderful and talented people.  My family and friends are also an inspiration to me, but my main inspiration comes from my heart :)

Besides Scrapbooking I also enjoy painting, reading, writing, watching movies, running and hunting for Shabby Chic items :) But I love to spend many hours in my craft room scrapping and sharing my work with you.

I love and enjoy meeting new people so please feel free to subscribe, message me or comment on my projects.  Please also follow me on my Youtube.  Your feedback means a lot to me.  I am very happy and excited to be part of this team and I can't wait to share my projects with all of you!  This is such a beautiful store and I hope that it inspires you to create lovely things.  Thank you for all of your love and support!  Here are a few of my projects:

Juliana ~ ILuvVintageScrap

Announcing Our Design Team Members

Hello Beauties,
Doreen and I have picked our 2 new DT members! First I would like to thank all you lovely ladies who submitted to the DT call. We had a very hard decision because all of you submitted some amazing projects.

 So without further ado, our 2 new designers are Juliana ( YT-ILuvVintageScrap) and Anna ( YT-MorePaper ThanShoes). Brigitte (YT- shoeprincess1) will head up our design team. All 3 ladies will be introducing themselves soon on here. Please give them lots of love by subscribing to their You Tube channels and leave them comments! I have added a link to their YT channels on the left so it is easy for you to follow them. I will be adding their personal blog links soon.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Hi Beauties!
Well guess what Brigitte did it again! She designed a really beautiful tri-fold frame using Webster Pages paper! You have to watch the video!
Visit Brigitte on You tube and show her some love! http://www.youtube.com/user/shoeprincess1 Doreen and I call Brigitte the VINTAGE QUEEN! We ♥ Brigitte!
Hope you all have a Happy Mother's Day and National Scrapbooking Day!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day Sale

Hello Beauties!
In honor of Mother's Day I have decided to have a little sale in the store! All templates will be $1.00 each, Webster Pages 12x12 single sheets are $.50 each, Pink Paislee 6x6 Butterfly Garden paper collection pack is $2.80, and G45 tag sheets are $.99 each. The sale ends Tuesday, May 10th. Happy Mother's Day♥ !

Thursday, May 5, 2011

We have a button!!!!

Hello Beauties,

By popular demand we had a button made! If you look to the left you can grab our button for your blog. All you have to do is copy the html code below the button and add it to your sidebar on your blog. If you need more instruction please let me know and I will explain in detail. Thank you to the design team of The Cutest Blog on the Block for designing our button! They really did an awesome job! If you need anything for your blog check them out http://thecutestblogontheblock.com/  They have a lot of freebies to make your blog beautiful!
Thank you for stopping by!
Have a creative weekend,

Monday, May 2, 2011

12x12 Mother's Day Layout designed by Brigitte

Hello Beauties,

Awhile ago Doreen and I asked Brigitte to be a guest designer for the store. Brigitte is an awesome crafter and we were so happy that she said yes! So I sent her the Webster Pages Country Estate papers and a few other Webster items and she made a 12x12 layout for Mother's Day. Here is the video....

Here is the link to Brigitte's YT channel
Show Brigitte some love and leave her a comment and subscribe to her channel.
Thank you Brigitte♥
Have a great day full of crafting everyone!

Window Shadow Box

Hello Beauties!
I have designed a new template! This window is so versatile. You can decorate this in so many different ways. You can put one picture or four pictures in the window. Also you can make it so you are looking in like I did or leave the shutters off and add curtains so it is like looking out the window. Now I decided to make my window in a shabby chic style. What I did to get this look is first paint the window brown. Then add crackle medium and let that dry ( I cheated and dried it with my heat gun) and lastly I painted it with vintage white craft paint. After the window was dry, I used Tim Holtz distress inks in Weathered wood and vintage photo. Just lightly distress with a distress tool. The flowers I used on the shutters are from Wild Orchid Crafts and I colored them with Lindy's. Now inside the window I used the Country Estate paper from Webster Pages ( available in the store). I also used a book page that I distressed with Tattered Rose, Vintage photo and Old Paper distress inks. The heart charm I made with the vellum sheet from the Country Estate collection and a metal heart frame that I used gold rub and buff on it. I used half of a Frogfeatheres flower and 3 buttons. The lace I used for the valance I tea dyed and the girl image is from Google Images. I saw the image and thought she was so sweet and she looked like she was daydreaming! Here are a few more pictures....
I just love how the window turned out! If you want to make one just click on the tab above that reads " Template" and you can purchase this template.  Also the measurements are listed in the store underneath the pictures.
Have a great week!