Monday, May 16, 2011

Anna Fearer - More Paper Than Shoes - Introduction

Good afternoon ladies!
I'm so excited to be joining this lovely design team. I love vintage and working with it. I enjoy working with all sorts of styles but vintage seems to be one of my favorites.
I have been creating crafty things with my hands since I was a child. I loved going to my grandparents house. I would have so much fun just sitting with my grandmother and watching her sew on her machine. My grandfather was a painter and taught me how to paint at a early age. It seemed that my entire family was crafty in some shape or form. My other grandfather was a photographer and loved collecting antiques. I think being surrounded by all these things you naturally start to absorb the love of it some how. 

When I'm not creating I'm outside. I love the outdoors and love being around nature. My perfect day would be to hike to a waterfall and just spend the day enjoying the fresh air.  I love rollerblading. I love to speed around corners and push myself to the limits on them Yes, I have fallen a few times but it doesn't stop me from getting up and doing it again! My other hobbies are sewing, painting, and trying to perfect the art of making
Now I feel that it's my turn to PIF (Pay It Forward) to my kids. I try every chance I can to teach them how to use the tools that are in my craft room. I try to make them feel comfortable about using some of the tools in my craft room so they too can take their creativeness to the next level! It's a lot of fun to see the girls have their own unique style of creating. They actually shock me how well they pick up on certain aspects of creating too.

I started to create with paper about a couple of years ago. I was instantly drawn to flowers and how to take what I had already and create my own. Now, I walk by some of the flowers I see in the store and think "oh I can make". It's also another way to save money too ;) I would much rather create my own flowers then buy the same ones that everyone else is buying too! I'm an altered artist more than a scrapbooker I guess you would say. I like to take the embellishments up off the flat surface and make them 3D. Don't get me wrong I do scrapbook but love altering items more! I can take the items that you get in a scrapbook kit and use them to alter things around the house. It shows people that you can do more than just make a layout with these scrapbooking products.  

When you get a chance check out my blog for my Ustream classes and other information. I enjoy teaching my classes. I have met some wonderful people and we always have fun too :)

I think this is a great opportunity for me and the other ladies to create with these lovely items that Doreen and Patti offer at their store. It will help me get back into creating for myself again. Thank you again for allowing me to be apart of this lovely design team!

I hope every one has a fun filled creative day!


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