Wednesday, August 24, 2011

All about German Glass Glitter

Hello Beauties,
I thought I would give you all a little info on how to use German Glass Glitter. First of all, German Glass Glitter is made from real glass. It looks vintage after awhile because it tarnishes. Most German glass glitter has a metal base for the tarnishing to happen. There are different grits and each grit gives a different look to your project. Fine grit is used most often because it is almost a powder consistency ( and you don't need to wear gloves to use it). Medium grit is mostly used for larger projects because you can use less for coverage ( also you don't need gloves for this). Course grit looks like large sugar crystals and you do need to wear gloves to use it. Remember, to keep this glitter away from children and pets! When you are done using German glass glitter make sure you sweep or vacuum your area before anyone walks on it. My favorite is the clear fine grit German glass glitter because it looks like diamonds!

  I have the clear German glass glitter available in the store for $2.00 and you get 14 grams. Yes, German Glass Glitter is expensive, but it is so worth it! The reason it is expensive is because it has to be imported from Germany. It usually sells for $5.99 an ounce. I have found to make it more affordable for everyone to use to offer it in smaller amounts. I also have some colors available for $1.00 and you get 7 grams. Yes, the color German Glass Glitter is much more expensive then the clear. The gold German glass glitter is made with real gold so you can imagine how expensive that is!
Now, how to use German glass glitter. I use glossy accents for my adhesive when using German glass glitter, but any clear drying liquid adhesive will work. I always use a plastic container to catch the glass glitter when I sprinkle it on my projects. So depending on the size of the project I make sure my plastic container is a little larger then my item that I want to glitter. Also, I use a plastic spoon to sprinkle on the glitter to my project for a light coat. For a heavy coat, I just add the glitter to my plastic container and press my project lightly into the glitter. If there a bare spots, I just set my project in the plastic container and sprinkle more glitter on and lightly press the glass glitter so it sticks to the glue. Now, go get some German Glass Glitter and give it a try!
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