Monday, September 26, 2011

Rosanne Carrillo our October Couture Artist ( Guest Designer)

Hello Beauties!

Rosanne Carrillo

I am so excited and proud to introduce our October Couture Artist to you all! She is an amazing crafter and as sweet as pie! I asked Rosanne to write a few paragraphs about herself so we can all get to know her. I have to tell you that when I read what she wrote it totally took me back to my childhood and how I got started in the craft world. I was deeply touched by what she wrote! Here is what Rosanne wrote about herself.....

I'm a Mother, Grandmother, Wife, and Loyal Friend.....
My Favorite colors are Red, Black, Royal Purple, and Gold/Beige

I first started crafting at the age of 7 when I first noticed and paid attention to my Mom sitting at this funny looking Black and Gold thing with a weird looking petal underneath it that made this funny tap, tapping sound?  I later learned it was her pride and joy Singer Sewing Machine.  Little did I know i would learn to love all the wonders it could create!  My mom gave me my first taste at crafting by showing me how to sew....I learned quickly and soon began to make all my own cloths.  My mom was very please with me as I was not one of those girls who had to run out to the malls to buy the latest Designer styles on the market.  Instead I was running to the material store to buy the first new "Simplicity" and "Butterick" patterns off the rack, so that I could design my own style of clothing.

Soon I was making cool matching smock's for all my girlfriends.  We were very poor when I was a little girl...but I didn't know it cuz, I was always wearing the new cloths that I had made for my self.  In those days Material was very inexpensive.

As I got older I began to draw, write poetry, and I loved to jot down the lyrics to songs I loved on the radio.  But I needed to keep them safe somewhere........behold a scrap booker was born. 

Because we didn't have much money I would go all around the house and look for what ever I could find to use to decorate my scrapbook.  We didn't have a camera so I started by saving pretty pictures of ladies out of magazines.  occasionally we would go to a yard sale and I would find some broken jewelry, some yarn, some wrapping paper and napkins.  It wasn't long before I had a wonderful collection of eclectic findings to scrapbook with.

So I guess you could say that my Scrap booking style is Extremely Eclectic.  I love everything!  And I always somehow find a way to add it to my projects!  LOL  Sometimes I think my creations are a bit to busy...But Naah....I like it.  So I really don't have favorite style...I feel even thou I'm 53 years old, I'm still learning everyday what I like.... and it changes often.

But if I have to pick my all time favorite thing to do, it would have to be Altered Art, oh yeah!  I love bling too!  Or anything that shines in the night. LOL

I'm a horrible speller and I have many dyslectic and senior moments......I'm also a bit of a night owl.  It's not surprising to find me up with my hubby at 4:30 in the morning making him breakfast to send him off to work and then, in my craft room till the wee hours of the night, I love my creative time!  My two daughters are all grown up, with children of there own now - which leaves me with lots of time during each day to spend on crafting.  I may not be rich still...but I'm rich with time to practice and unleash my creativity! LOL

I have a loving healthy marriage going on 31 years!  And a wonderful husband who supports my love for crafting. I am truly blessed.
Much love to all my scrap sistas!
Rosanne  - blog - You Tube
Please make sure you go and visit Rosanne's Blog and YT and leave her lots of love!

You can see Rosanne's project after Oct 1st on this blog! Just click on the "Couture Artist" tab at the top.
Thank you Rosanne for being or guest designer ( Couture Artist) we can't wait to see  your amazing project!
Have a Happy Crafty Day Everyone!


  1. Rozanne is so lovely, its great to see here as a guest designer for Oh La La. Lee x

  2. Sorry....Rosanne I meant to spell!! Silly me! Lee x

  3. We love Rosanne, her work is gorgeous. Congratulations, can't wait to see what she will creat withh all your vintage treasures.