Monday, October 24, 2011

Holiday Ornament Swap

Hello Beauties!
Are you up for another awesome swap???? Well, the new swap will be a Holiday ornament swap! Yay! Here is how it will work:
1. We will be divided up into groups of 6.
2. You will have to make 5 ornaments to swap and one for yourself if you would like.
3. The ornaments do not have to all be the same.
4. Do not go out and buy the plastic bulb ornaments because they are to big and round for the bubble mailer envelopes!
5. You can use recycled material like frozen juice can lids, thread spools, CD's and so on and chipboard die      cuts.
6. They must be Shabby Chic or Vintage in design!
7. Make sure you send a self addressed and postage paid envelope with your ornaments. If you need help with this just send me a message:)
8. Make a tag with your name and info on it and your group # and add the tag to each ornament. Please do not add your info to the back of the ornaments!
You will have till November 7th to sign up and all ornaments should be mailed out to me no later then December 10th. Please if you sign up make sure you can participate because it would not be fair to the rest if you back out at the last minute! Please email me at to sign up! Make sure you tell your friends because the more the merrier! When you sign up I will send you my address so you know where to mail the ornaments. I will then divide them up among your group and mail them out to all of you.
I hope you all can join us!


  1. Waving hand wildly :) Im in :)

  2. Do you have a picture so use newbies can see what one should look like??

  3. Stephanie, I will post a video soon with some ideas of what you can make

  4. I sent an email. Please sign me up Eileen