Thursday, November 3, 2011

Meet our Couture Artiste for November Violet Foskey

Violet Foskey
The love of crafting has been in my family for many years.  As a young child, I can remember my mother always endeavoring in making something.   When we were younger she handmade our clothes.  Whenever she watched TV she would always have a spool of yarn and crochet hook in hand, making something for us to wear.   Whether it be a sweater, scarf or hat, my mother  was always making something.   She loved to paint and when I was a young teenager,  I remember she opened her own ceramic shop. Still to this day, she continues to stay busy with her hands, always making something.  So I guess it would be inevitable for her children to embrace a love for creating.

Looking back, way back, at a very young age, I can remember a love for playing with paper and
Something about being able to stick a piece of paper,  permanently  to a surface with the gooey white
stuff was so fun for me.  This later turned into making collages for my friends and family, and as a young
teenager, I wallpapered my entire room with newspaper comics and glue.  Oh yes, those were the days!

When I married my best friend 26 plus years ago, my crafting took on different approaches, such as,
making wreaths, paper baskets, embroidering, cross-stitching, sewing and little things here and there.  It was not until about six years ago while I was in college, that I embarked upon scrapbooking.  Though, I could not fully embrace it at the time, due to school, I knew that this was something definitely for me.  I am still learning so very much, as new techniques continually come my way and I cannot express enough the love I have for this art.

Mini albums, 12x12 layouts and an occasional altering tend to be my likes at this time.  Vintage and Shabby Chic are my favorite themes right now and being that there is no scrapbooking community here where I live, I am drawn to doing on-line swaps.  I find myself so very thankful for all the wonderful,  amazing people I have met in this artful journey and I am looking forward to meeting  many more.

    Many Hugs and Blessings, Violet

Watch for Violet's project and make sure you show her lots of love! Doreen and I are so glad that we met Violet because she is the sweetest ever! We can't wait to see your project Violet!

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