Friday, December 2, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Event: Day 2

On The 2nd Day of Christmas My Crafty Friends Gave to Me..............

A Creative Baking Idea and Some Packaging
Welcome to the 12 days of Christmas here at Ooh La La Vintage Treasures! This is the 2nd day of this awesome journey through 12 days of fun and exciting projects, decor ideas, baking and etc....

I thought I would show you a really quick and easy gift to share with your family and friends this holiday season.

Chocolate Covered Pretzels
1bg (12ozs) of candy coating chocolate
Candy Canes
Sugar Sprinkles
Double Boiler or Microwave Safe Bowl
Hammer or Kitchen Mallet
Wax Paper
A creative

The first thing you will need to do is to place your chocolate in the double boiler or microwave safe bowl. If you are using a double boiler please set your stove top temp on medium low. Stirring the chocolate pieces constantly so the chocolate doesn't burn. If you use a microwave safe bowl, please only microwave at a minute. If you find that the chocolate doesn't melt while stirring it please place in the microwave for 30 more seconds. Try not to over cook the chocolate, you don't want to burn the chocolate.
While you are waiting for the chocolate to melt, place your candy canes (2 or 3) on wax paper and then place another sheet over top of them. Take your hammer or kitchen mallet and gently break the canes into small pieces.

After the chocolate is melted, dip your pretzels into the chocolate. I used large pretzel sticks in this project and how i got the chocolate to cover half way up the stick was by using a fork. I sat the stick down into the chocolate and used my fork to bring the chocolate up onto the sides of the stick. After you get all the chocolate onto the pretzels, it's time to decorate! Before I placed my sticks onto the wax paper to dry I dipped them into the broken candy canes and rolled it to coat all the sides. You can pinch some of the broken candy canes and sprinkle them over your small pretzels too ;)
I then took some green sugar sprinkles and lightly sprinkled over all the pretzels for a festive look!

After the pretzels were dry I bagged up my large pretzel sticks to show you an easy way to give them as a gift. The smaller pretzels were eaten by my I had a chance to take pictures.

Using very inexpensive items I took a simple candy bag and dressed it up for the holiday and now its ready to be given away! These would not only be great for family and friends but for teacher gifts as well.

I hope you and your family enjoy this holiday season and I hope you have a happy new year!

Warm Hugs,

 Crafty Ornaments Idea from Lowe's

Some of these ornament ideas are great to have kids create! Remember, your kids will get bored while on Christmas vacation so make sure you are prepared with lots of great crafty projects. All of these ornaments can be made for well under $10.00! Can you say cheap fun!!!!!

The giveaway winner for Day 1 of the 12 Days of Christmas is...........

bluucaca she said...
Great ideas. Love the cupcake xmas tree TFS

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Thank you everyone for stopping by and remember to leave a comment for a chance to win today's Christmas present giveaway! I hope you have enjoyed day 2 of the 12 Days of Christmas, please stop back tomorrow for day 3 and see if you are a winner of the giveaway!


  1. Hi there Anna! glad I saw your face book post this mornin' I didn't even know about this blog, nice to see ya again and glad you have been keepin busy in the art world! Love both ideas, have ALWAYS loved chocolate covered pretzels, and the Home depot decs are great! LOVE repurposing old stuff, and new stuff! stop by the blog and say hi when you get a chance...I'm gonna go now and check out some more posts on this one :)

  2. Great tips and ideas, I love Christmas time. Your decorations on the pretzel bags is a great idea, makes it a great gift.

  3. Ok on my way to Lowes to get hammer to beat my candy canes LOL Love the pretzels idea ( forgot all about them ) Glad Bubby got some

  4. Hey Love the Pretzels... COol Anna Thanks for the idea. Lina

  5. I love making pretzels!! Your packaging is simply gorgeous!!! You rock!! Thanks for the great ideas for inexpensive crafts!!



  6. Yummy, I love sweet n salty snacks =)

  7. Hi Anna! GREAT gift idea for people who stop by to say HELLO! Can't wait to try this with my granddaughters Karysa and Gweney. They will LOVE it! Happy Holidays!!!!

  8. Ohhhhh these look really scrummdiddliumptous (and anyone who knows the original film of Charlie and the chocolate factory will know that word!!). Great idea. I will definitely be having a go at these. Thanks so much for sharing it. Lee xx

  9. Those are all awesome, but that roller cover snowman??? I'm SOOOOO making that!!!!!

  10. YUM! YUM! We make these and other treats that we give our neighbors and friends for Christmas.
    Wonderful gift ideas and easy to make to. Thank you again for sharing.
    Hugs Virginia

  11. What a yummy gift! Love it! Will definitely try this!

  12. Yummmmy, salty and sweet my fav.

  13. Love the pretzels! Yum! What cute craft ideas for kids or even older adults such as grandparents who have everything.

  14. Ohh! i love that recipe too :) i'm definitely going to try to make that for my students. it'll be fun and they'll love it. thanks for sharing it :)

  15. Love the pretzels! Not wanting to do any baking when I get to NY for the Holidays, it will be crazy chaos when we all get together, but dipping pretzels in chocolate is something I think my Little Mia and I can do while she stands on a chair and helps Grammy! So excited to do this, thanks for the tips! Not a huge kitchen fan, so these ideas just don't "come to me"! It will be our first Grammy/Mia kitchen project, as she is just 2 years old! Merry Christmas! Donna