Saturday, December 3, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Event : Day 3

On The 3rd Day of Christmas My Crafty Friend Gave to Me......

A Christmas Decor Idea by Patti Carrow

When Christmas decorating in my house I love to bring the outdoors inside. This shelf hangs in my living room and is very long, so I came up with this idea several years ago and I do it every year. Every year it looks different too! You can do this on a fireplace mantel or on top of a cabinet too. Here is how to create this display.....
Things you will need
lots of tree branches random sizes
2-3 cans of cheap white spray paint (Walmart $.98 a can)
1 can of  Krylon Champagne Nouveau color metallic spray paint
pine garland ( fake or real)
pine cones
1- strand of Christmas Tree Lights
ornaments of your choice

First you are going to spray paint the branches with the white spray paint making sure you completely cover the branch. Next take the metallic spray paint and do a real light coat just to add a little sparkle to the branches.

 Now do the same to the pine cones.

 Make sure you are  in a well ventilated area when you are using spray paint!
When your branches are dry you can arrange them on the shelf to your taste.

 Next add the pine garland and lights.

Now all you have to do is add the pine cones and some decorations. Remember that less is more with this kind of decorating. You do not want to cover up the branches completely because it will defeat the whole idea of bringing the outside in. I used some silk roses, clear glittered snowflakes, and some small silver Christmas bulbs. I will be adding my collection of angel statues as soon as I dig them out! 

 Thank you for reading about my Christmas decor idea! Remember to leave a comment so you are entered in the daily giveaway! 

Warm Christmas Wishes!

Poinsettias by Lowe's
Flashing poinsettias on staircase

You will need the petal template to make these. This is a downloadable PDF file and you can down load it here

  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Pencil

10"x50" white vinyl flashing (#233813)
1/4" threaded post screws (#137870)

  • Step 1: Print and cut out our downloadable petal templates.

    Step 2: Trace the petals on the matte side of the flashing six times each and cut these shapes out. You should have six large flashing petals and six small ones.

    Step 3: Gently fold the flashing petals in half with the shiny side up, then tightly crease half the length of the fold as shown in the video.

    Step 4: Punch a hole in the unfolded ends of the petals, about a half-inch from the tip. 

    Step 5: Thread the six large petals onto the thicker half of a threaded post, then do the same with the small petals. Gently tighten. 

    Step 6: Fan out the petals to get an arrangement you like, then tighten all the way to hold them in place.

    Optional: For a little extra bling, hot-glue an ornament to the center of the poinsettia.

    All that’s left is to display your latest creation. We tied fishing line around the threaded posts and hung our poinsettias on a stair railing, but feel free to display them anywhere.

I hope you enjoyed today's decor ideas and remember to stop back tomorrow for Day 4! The surprise Christmas present giveaway winner from Day 2 of The 12 Days of Christmas Event is............

Rea she said...
Great tips and ideas, I love Christmas time. Your decorations on the pretzel bags is a great idea, makes it a great gift.

Rea, please email me at with your snail mail address so I can send out your surprise Christmas present!


  1. Awesome projects again, and I am so tickled to be a winner. I'm off to email you. Thank you so much.

  2. I decorate my fire place every year for Christmas too. Love how you brought the outdoors inside. What a beautiful entry way that makes on the stairs. Thanks again for the wonderful ideas. Hugs. Virginia

  3. Love it!! How awesome and natural!! You are sooo creative!!


  4. Wow, what amazing projects. I only wish I had a Mantlepiece and staircase now!!! I live in a bungalow and the fire was bricked up before we moved in!! Him....wonder if my hubby would notice a temporary fireplace just so I could make the decoration?? lol. Thanks so much for sharing, at least I could use these tutorials in other parts of the house though. Lee x

  5. that's a unique banister decoration with the ornaments, very pretty.

  6. Very cute ideas but loving the pointsettis!

  7. Love this Patti! I love the natural look, and Florida just doesn't have this stuff, unless I buy it! I'm going to dig through my Christmas stuff, when I return from my trip up north, and see how close I can get to yours! No mantle to start will be a challenge! I can't decorate my tree and house until the 20th, when I return home. Way too many gifts to finish up before I leave in 6 days!