Sunday, December 4, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Event : Day 4

On the 4th. Day of Christmas My Crafty Friends Gave to Me......

A Special Memory and Birthday by Rosemary Cooper.....

Hello everyone my name is Rosemary and welcome to the blog as one of the guests here
on Ohh La La Vintage Treasures. My blog is about Christmas D├ęcor over the years. Many things
have changed over the years and even some of those things are still around or are becoming
popular again. 50 years ago, today, I was born and now as I turn the Vintage age I am sitting
here having flashbacks to my childhood. I am laughing at the things that have changed and the
things we had growing up that are coming back as popular items. Such as a Silver Christmas
Trees, Barbie Dolls, Santa Claus figures, or many others vintage items just to mention a few.
Growing up we had a fake Christmas tree which was silver and the limbs were made of metal.

The lights back then didn’t go on the tree because of a fire hazard. So we always used a thing
called a Color Wheel to bring out the colors. I remember my parents taking each metal limb out
of a sleeve and attaching it to the tree. Now that tree is popular again and people are buying
them from places like E-bay. In fact I looked one up the other day and it was on EBay for $245.
Barbie is another thing we had growing up. My cousin gave me a Barbie from 1959 and as kids
back then the thing to do was pass them onto the next cousin since I had no sisters. Now I wish
I would have kept her since she is still around. My daughter always played with them when
she was growing up. Santa Claus figures were popular growing up and I still have the one that
I had as a kid that is now called vintage. I look back at things and they all bring back beautiful
memories of my childhood which is why I am so obsessed with the Vintage Santa scrapbook
items. Thank you for letting me go back to memory lane and celebrate my Vintage Birthday

Happy 50th Birthday Rosemary! 

A Crafty Decor idea: Altered Snowman Box by Carlene the Pinkscrapper99

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Tanya she said...

Love it!! How awesome and natural!! You are sooo creative!!


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  1. I remember all these things you mentioned, too. It's funny, I wish I had my Barbie stuff too. I had lots of dolls, a 2 story house, and the camper. I have a pic though of me playing with it on Christmas morning. I was in heaven. Ha!

  2. Thank you all for going down memory lane with me! It's been a real venture looking back!

  3. I have never liked Barbies, but the snoman is oh so cute

  4. Happy Birthday Rosemary, And thank you for taking me down memory lane. We too had the silver metel tree. I collect some of the vintage ornaments my grandmother used to put on there. Hope your day is a special one. And thanks again for the snowman project.Hugs Virginia

  5. I still have a collectible barbie doll :) although i did take it out when i was young to play with it lol so i doubt it's worth anything but the memory of playing with it is priceless :)

  6. Awwww I want my barbies back now! lol. I was playing with mine right up until I was 15!! Gorgeous Snowman boxes project from Carleen too. She's such a sweet lady. Lee xx

  7. I buy my daughter a Barbie every year!!! She has so many still in boxes. I love the snowman boxes!!! Thank you soo much for picking me to win!! I'm sooo tickled!!