Tuesday, December 6, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Event: Day 6

On The 6th Day of Christmas My Crafty Friends Gave to Me..........

A cute kids crafty idea with Colton Stilwell:

Mr. Cutie Colton

Colton's wreath:

This is an EASY project that uses materials most people have at home. Paper/ styrofoam

 plates are cheap as is tissue paper. My lil guy LOVES his wreath and is displaying it proudly

 on our front door. Grab these basic supplies and craft with your kiddos!!! Great memories

 are sure to come out of it!!

 1. Paper or styrofoam plate. Using something round and cut a hole in the center.

 2. cut lil squares from green tissue paper... glue centers to plate.


3. tear little pieces of red tissue paper and roll into balls.

4. Glue balls on green "leaves" 
 5. make a bow and using wire or pipe cleaner, tie bow to pipe cleaner or wire.

Thank you Colton for making this beautiful wreath for today's 12 Days of Christmas Event!!


Now it's Colton's Mom, Tanya with a cute wreath frame

GREAT way to send a lil Christmas cheer and a photo of your child to a loved one. This is an

 easy project that requires only a few supplies. This can be altered to use any shape and can

 be added to for a fuller wreath. Limitless possibilities!!

Punch or Cut with your Cricut.. 3 different sized squares... or whatever shape you would like.( 

24 total) this will be 6 of each kind and 3 of each color. Assemble by alternating color pieces

 and gluing them together at 90 degree intervals.( OR.. Use a hole punch and a brad and brad

 them together as I did) Punch a 1/16th hole ( hole punch) at both top corners. Using your 

Cricut, punch, or even hole punch.. punch out 9 red 1/4" circles and 3 red 1/2 " circles. In the

 center of the layered scallops ( squares above) , glue 3 grouped 1/4" red circles. Place it on

 every other one. Next, glue the 1/2" circles to the center of the other scalloped squares. Add

 little highlight to the circles with a white pen. Add a photo and then tie a bow.. Ta Da... What a

 GREAT gift for anyone!! ( This can be altered so many different ways by adding more layers,

 different shapes and colors)


A Decor Idea by Doreen:

12 Days of Christmas Event winner from Day 5 is...........

PurpleFuntastick Creations she said...
Wow...stunning and love this! I will have to try my hand at making one...but mine will have to be in purple...hehe...thanks so much for sharing your tree and banner...Merry Christmas to you and yours! :)
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Thank you Colton, Tanya, and Doreen for your amazing projects!


  1. Your plaque is beautiful Doreen! Love your Shabby Chic style girl ") This would be a lovely addition to any room. TFS! Hugs, Violet

  2. Wow what a great project from Colton, he did an awesome job. Doreen's wall plaque is beautiful. Lee x

  3. Good Job Colton! Loved the plaque Doreen and Tanya what a good way to use different shapes. Loved it!

  4. Thank you for having Colton and I today. We had a great time crafting together. I LOVE the plaque Doreen!! You are amazing!!!

    Congrats Kari!!!


  5. This is SO cute and so is Colton making it! Love the wreath Tanya, & Doreen, that is a beautiful Plaque!

  6. wow what awesome projects...great job Colton!!! thanks for the inspriation will have to have my lil Aden make one...yesterday he was sooo ready to craft he was telling his Uncle Gary love ya bye...before Gary was ready to go out the door...he loves crafting...we don't go in there until hubby leaves for work he was pushing Gaey out the door almost...move over Tim there is a new generation of crafters in the making!

  7. Thank you Colton----you take after your Mother----very artistic.Your wreath is great.
    HUgs, Anita

  8. Awesome awesome awesome!!!! Mama better watch her scrappy supplies, there's a new crafter in town! ;)

  9. how adorable are these! love to see kids crafting!

  10. Colton and Tanya did an awesome job on their projects. Very creative and different. I can't wait to do projects like this with my lil guy.

  11. You and bubby's projects are adorable! I will have to let my bubby take a try at the wreath :)


  12. Colton is just adorable!!! And such easy and wonderful projects to make with the kids. Doreen that plaque is going to look really pretty hanging on the wall. Thanks for sharing. Hugs Virginia

  13. Colton and Tanya sitting at a craft table, making some delightful projects - that's wonderful magic for the season; love the projects!! Great job........cyberhugs

  14. Femme snow-woman how cute is that .
    Colton your wreath is awesome thanks for sharing it :)
    And Tanya I can tell you are rockin the Christmas is for Children theme ...your right ya know <3

  15. Love the wreaths...what fun that is to do with your child and so simple, that is even better...hehe...Thanks for sharing Colton and Tanya! :) Also I am so surprised I won! hehe...thanks so much! :)

  16. Wow! I'm loving the tissue paper & paper plate reef. I gotta try that with my pre-k students. They're going to love it especially their parents :) Thanks for sharing.